Josh Homme and the power of transparency


As you may know I’m a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain. Although I think I pissed him off by telling him – via Twitter, while he was tweeting live during one of this year’s shows – that he should right a book about his travels, when in fact, he’d already done that with No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach. (Not a great move for a self-proclaimed fanboy...

ITEC 4700: Class 1 – Conceptual Model


I taught my first class at Daniels College of Business last night. (Web 2.0 for Business Success.) It was awesome and I had a good time. I’ve got a tremendous group of students with a diverse set of interests. We scratched the surface of the artist formerly known as Web 2.0 and then walked through the evolution to the Internet since businesses first entered the fray. We also installed...

Transparency killed MySpace


I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about how she was “leaving” her MySpace account. The only thing left that she liked was the music service but had other sources for that. She also said she was “growing out” of her MySpace persona. I’ve never had a MySpace account and this comment made no sense to me. She then explained that MySpace, for most, was...

Ignore at Your Own Risk


I saw Guy Kawasaki Tweet about an article entitled Should brands ignore social media criticism?, and I had to read/respond. Overall it’s a good article and worth reading. One highlight from the post: But what if some brands are paying too much attention to social media? Is it possible that the most vocal on Facebook and Twitter and in the blogosphere not only don’t represent the...

Businesses on Twitter


A couple of days ago, I saw that Twitter is going to begin charging businesses for their Twitter accounts. The industry question around Twitter (and all social networking sites for that matter) has been; how are they going to monetize? Twitter is officially exploding this year and recently raised $35 million in capital. The real question is; who will follow these businesses? When Walmart put a...

The Kite is Bright


This past Friday, I had the good fortune of speaking with the founders of Brightkite, Brady Becker and Martin May. I got the ball rolling by walking through the front door and accusing Brady of being Martin . . . Fortunately things got better from there. Once we sat down, they told me they had just finished an interview with the Wall Street Journal the day before and had also made a TechCrunch...

Generations of the Niche


I posted in late September (just a few posts down) about the Rugby Tournament in Aspen that I’ve attended for the last 24 years. I mentioned the  need for Generational liaisons as partners to help marketers serve a niche. I wanted to expand on the concept of generations with the context of niche. When I started going to Ruggerfest, Aspen was still a relatively small mountain town in...

Transparency in Action


I recently called T-Mobile customer service to have them switch me over to the Blackberry Curve and had a very interesting experience. Like most people, calling customer service is one of my least favorite things since it usually means something is wrong. I don’t like it because the vanilla version of a human being I usually get is more painful at times than getting no help. “I...

The Business World According to Jason Fried


Last night I got to attend a New Denver Ad Club event at the Oriental Theater with guest speaker Jason Fried (freed) of 37signals. I knew very little about Jason and have heard about 37signals from a friend of mine. 37signals is a group that started out as an agency and created products to support internal processes and then decided productize/sell them. Logical progression given the difficulty...

Your Advertising Partner


I read yet another article in the Wall Street Journal this past week about cable customers up in arms about their online behavior being tracked even though they would remain technically anonymous. Not sure what the big deal is if they can remain truly anonymous. They would essentially see your online shadow, would allow you to turn it on or off and would enable on-demand personalized marketing. I...

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