The thing that will kill Facebook


It’s hard to imagine a world without Facebook and yet, if this infographic is to be believed, online empires only “own” the mindshare of the market for around 11 years. This means Facebook has only three years left!!! I guess Zuck will have the cry himself to sleep with his measly billion$. Infographic aside, the question is; what consumer behavior will displace the need to know...

Facebook’s big bet on mobile


From today’s public filing for Facebook, the following sentence was listed as one of the risks. We believe that mobile usage of Facebook is critical to maintaining user growth and engagement over the long term, and we are actively seeking to grow mobile usage, although such usage does not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue. It’s important to note that they currently...

What does Facebook know about Max Schrems of Vienna? (video)


I think of privacy like I think of the tooth fairy. I believed it existed when I was younger but then I grew up and realized that there really is no such thing. (Maybe I can put some money under my pillow for some privacy!) It looks like Max Schrems is on his way to figuring this out and maybe he’ll get all of his information. Enjoy!

Facebook owns online usage


I saw this chart on Silicon Alley Insider (if you couldn’t guess from the image header) and you have to wonder how much more of an incline the Facebook line would have if they included the traffic from the Facebook app.

Dislikes would be more valuable than Likes


In February 2009, Facebook introduced us to the concept of Like’s. The Like is simply an informal recommendation for just about anything. Music, news, products, etc . . . anything you want to attach it to. Businesses have tried to put a value on Likes with a recent estimate of $3.60 per Like (and $136.38 annually for each Fan). I’m not sure I’ve ever Liked anything and...

Social is the future of the iPad


So . . . I’ve been collecting stats on the iPad as they roll in and I’m now convinced of several things The iPad is device emphasizing engagement: meaning because of it’s intuitive interface and the experience it affords, it’s inherently more compelling, on a biological level. (No joke. The keyboard and the mouse are abstractions that we’re only now shaking off.)...

Google+ will not impact Facebook (video)


Let me start by saying that Google+ is a great idea. For those that don’t know, the idea behind Google+ is that you’re able to categorize your friendships with people from family, friends, acquaintances, professional contacts, etc. This is something Facebook should have done years ago as more and more people have begun to suffer from multiple persona disorder. (One of my students...

Facebook and their expansion into social activities


As you may suspect, I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about Facebook.  Not what Facebook is, but what it’s becoming. I think of Facebook as a set of tools that facilitate social interaction and with that in mind, there are several activities that I believe Facebook can essentially own in the near future because they are social in nature. Movies – People love to watch...