Google+ will not impact Facebook (video)


Let me start by saying that Google+ is a great idea. For those that don’t know, the idea behind Google+ is that you’re able to categorize your friendships with people from family, friends, acquaintances, professional contacts, etc. This is something Facebook should have done years ago as more and more people have begun to suffer from multiple persona disorder. (One of my students currently has several Facebook accounts to address this very issue.)

I’m not going to go into detail about Google+’s offering and I’m not going to work hard to get an invite so I can give you an in-depth review. Why am I not going to do this? Because Google+ isn’t going to do anything to Facebook’s users. In fact, the only thing Google+ is going to do is show Facebook the way. Why? Because of what I’ve referred to as brand concrete.

In brief no company owns their brand. This is more true than ever now that social media has blossomed. Google is a search company to consumers and a advertising company to businesses. That’s it. They’re not a social company and no matter how wonderful Google+ is; it just doesn’t matter. Facebook is the social company.


  • Personally, I disagree with you. Most of my friends are already on Google+ (we used the bug in their invite system to get accounts – I don’t know if Google left that intentionally or not).
    I’m already getting much more notifications on Google+ than and I spend a lot more time on it too. It’s not just the categorising your friends thing (circles), but they’ve implemented every single tiny little detail better than Facebook. It has an overall effect of being much more pleasant and efficient to use than Facebook.
    I think most of the ‘NERDS’ will move to Google+ from Facebook.

    So the bottom line is: If what you’ve said is true, then Google+ may not have a very significant impact on Facebook. But rest assured, it will have AN impact.

  • Lasath – All hail NERDS!!!! I agree with you that many tech savvy people will migrate over. I’m just not sure what the number will be. From the sound of it, I’d like to have some of the functions . . .