Information Technology Strategy: Class 15 – Final Presentations (round 2)


At the beginning of this class I handed out NDAs, which as you may have guessed means that I have a group of students with, what I believe to be an excellent idea utilizing augmented reality. So . . . that’s all I’m going to say. I will be working with them to refine the business model and help them get introduced to those that can get them funded. Should be great!

The second group presented on the future of Facebook. The first half of what they discussed is covered here and they went on propose a professional platform enabling businesses to not only generate revenue through their FB account, but also manage their day-to-day business needs through Facebook. If they needed to order supplies from Staples, they would handle it through the Staples FB presence. This could be a potential direction for B2Bs, as they try to figure out how to better utilize Facebook. This also struck me as a microcosm of how the Internet has evolved for businesses.

At first it was purely about having an online presence. It went from there to a brochure site and then to generating revenue. This same evolution is happening on Facebook and a B2B marketplace logically makes sense. As Facebook continues to evolve into an Internet within the Internet, it will be interesting to see how FB diverges from the Internet.

Next class is the last class and one more presentation. Can’t believe the quarter is almost over.

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