Information Technology Strategy: Class 16 – Last day


Tonight was the last class with our final group presentation. We had a group of students present their pizza delivery business model and it was great combination of tech; online, applications to SOLAR! They utilized most of the technologies we discussed in class it was good to see a traditionally low-tech business model empowered with technology. I also liked the fact that they targeted foodies who have a love for pizza. (An extension of the beer snob.) My Favorite idea that came up during class was to give the delivery drivers iPhones and have them create videos of the people talking about why they loved the pizza/service. This type of in-the-moment, user-generated video is becoming more valuable to businesses as people distrust for advertising continues to grow. I’m curious to see what other types of business models could empower their employees to create video, etc on the fly to be used by marketing.

I owe the class one more summary post around technology due to this and will get it to them as soon as I can.

I had an excellent time teaching this quarter and had some amazing students. I’m moving forward with two student groups with their business models. We’ll either bootstrap or find a private investor. Depends on how much capital they need. I’m also meeting with two other students that have ideas given the technologies we reviewed. I’m excited to hear about these ideas and we’ll see where they go. In early September, I’m meeting with my department head to talk about teaching more classes and I hope that goes well. I really enjoy teaching.