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Information Technology Strategy: Class 16 – Last day


Tonight was the last class with our final group presentation. We had a group of students present their pizza delivery business model and it was great combination of tech; online, applications to SOLAR! They utilized most of the technologies we discussed in class it was good to see a traditionally low-tech business model empowered with technology. I also liked the fact that they targeted foodies...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 15 – Final Presentations (round 2)


At the beginning of this class I handed out NDAs, which as you may have guessed means that I have a group of students with, what I believe to be an excellent idea utilizing augmented reality. So . . . that’s all I’m going to say. I will be working with them to refine the business model and help them get introduced to those that can get them funded. Should be great! The second group...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 14 – Final Presentations


Tonight we had two final presentations. The first was a review of  Noodle’s & Company social media strategy and then recommendations for future strategies. The presentation is below and my students nailed it. Overall Noodles does an excellent job given the resources they have to work with. (They sorely need to redesign their site. Looks like the Ugly Dolls site; which I love because...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 13 – book review/presentation


Last night we had the final review of the book The World is Flat. This book by Thomas Friedman outlines how globalization is allowing for new and flexible business models. This book can be a blueprint of sorts for online businesses and the overriding message is to operate with as much expertise as you can afford yet remaining as lite as possible. The net impact of all of this is that your...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 12 – Book Reviews (part 1)


Last Monday we had students present the following readings; Wikinomics, The Cluetrain Manifesto and Getting Real. It’s amazing to me how well Cluetrain has held up after being in print for 10+ years. Wikinomics was written in 2006 and Getting Real was written a while ago. One of the students commented on how long ago Wikinomics had been written and I definitely loathed the experience of...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 11 – Human Capital Management


Tonight we had Tim Glennie, Managing Partner at BridgeView IT, come in and talk about all things regarding human capital management. Tim has been in the IT recruiting field for many moons and is excellent at what he does. What he does exactly is find the right people (skill set/culture) for the job and when it comes to IT, that’s the essential element. I sent Tim some questions and asked...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 10 – Mobile 2.0


For this class, we discussed the massive changes that are taking place in the mobile world and what factors are shaping the evolving landscape. I’m in the process of writing a white paper and hope to have it done within a month. For now, it’s safe to say that the following equation holds true. Smartphone Adoption + Social Media + Location Awareness + Mobile Advertising = Mobile 2.0...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 9.5! – Digital Rights Management


That’s right . . . 9.5. Don’t ask . . . We had Daniel Staley and Kendall Gracey in today to talk about digital rights management (DRM) and how the Internet has impacted it copyright law and what the future may hold. (Students were asked to talk watch This is what I learned today and forgive my note-taking abilities. This post is a bit schizophrenic. For years people have been copying...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 9 – Google


Obviously, Google is a pretty big subject to cover in only one class. You could teach an entire quarter on Google highlighting all that the web giant offers, but . . . I only had 2 hours and 10 minutes. Google, for lack of a better way to say it is the web. Without Google the vast ocean of content would be relatively inaccessible.  Metaphorically, Google could also be thought of as the axle and...

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