I have been on Imgur (pronounced imager) since 12.13. I can’t remember exactly why I decided to spend time there but I immediately loved it. Visually, it somewhat resembles Pinterest. The primary difference is that it’s filled with user-generated images, gifs, etc instead of professionally taken photos. It was created as the image hosting server for Reddit and a …

Am I watching an online community die?

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7 years ago – yes. 7 years ago – I posted about Monsters. One of my points was that we, as a society, need a monster. We’ve always had one and it somehow seems to keep our culture in balance. I highlighted monsters that I grew up with who for the most part were musicians that scared …

A new kind of Monster

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Big Boulder is an amazing conference I’ve been fortunate enough to attend for the past four years. The conference is focused on social data and I’m working on a summary post about the event. Until then . . . enjoy!

Big Boulder 2015!

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Checkout Whole Foods Pinterest board. What do you notice? Look again. It takes a couple of seconds. (Hint: Read the post title.) Social needs to be timely and seasonal is a kind of meta-timely. Login and rearrange your boards to be contextual. It’s like Tweeting about a Christmas event in March.

What season is it?

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In 7+ years of blogging, I’ve never posted about social for B2B. I’ve had B2B clients all my professional life and other than a few differences, I contend that we’re still working to address the needs of people. There’s even a book written to support my opinion called H2H. It’s about rapport and solving problems. This post is about …

B2B social: part 1

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I completely forgot to post this. It’s never too late!   Welcome to Jettt! Jettt is the new mobile social network for business travelers! We understand your needs and have created a compelling service to help you take advantage of your on-the-go existence!!! To make this service as compelling as possible, we’ve partnered with the …

Time to Jettt!

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Just as society is evolving, so is social media. In fact, many would argue that social media is pushing changes in society almost as quickly mobile technology. (Sounds like a good book!) Social media has gone through four definitive stages and we are neck deep in the fifth. Facebook – With 1.23 billion users, Facebook established …

The continuing evolution of social media

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Hyperlocal + Social = Mobile (infographic)

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Aggregation – Back in the day there was this thing called RSS, which stood for Really Simple Syndication. It was a way of getting a list of all the content that a site created in one easy to read list. Yep. It’s still around. There’s one in the upper right hand corner of this site. Curation – …

The evolution of digital content

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Hate Fan-gating? Try Ajax Social Wipes!

Ajax Social Wipes (video)

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