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ITEC 4700: Class 16 – Monetizing Web 2.0


Thursday we started off with several of my students asking if my Twitter account had been hacked. And yes, it had. Someone got in and sent out the following message: ‘hi, i’m 24/female/horny… i have to get off here but message me on my windows live messenger name *****@hotmail.com’. They had direct messaged a large number of my followers. (I was also alerted by someone who...

Augmented Reality & QR Codes: Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together


Above are graphics that are used to trigger augmented reality. The idea is to hold these up to your webcam while you’re watching yourself on your computer through a specific website and the item will come to life. (Video example below.) The first icon is from GE for their Smart Grid campaign and the second is from something Colle + McVoy are calling “Twaugmented Reality“. The...

What’s a QR Code and Why Should I Care?


QR stands for “quick response” and marketers always care about response time. QR codes are essentially bar codes that mobile phones can scan to allow the user to access information such as URLs; thus bridging the gap between the real world and the virtual. The technology to enable your phone is free and can be downloaded in a number of places such as Kaywa.  (List of phones Kaywa...