SxSWi 2016



Last year, I was on a flight from Austin to Denver, frustrated that I was unable to attend more sessions at SxSWi. It was my first year and I was overwhelmed by the quantity/quality of information. I had attended 4 days of sessions from 9am to 5pm and still only scratched the surface. As I sipped yet another Coke, I thought to myself; “I need an army.” Then one of the many voices in my head replied; “You have an army! Your students!” I have access to an amazing well of incredibly intelligent students! I reassured myself that next year I would be back with a pack of rabid students.

This March – 10-15th – I’m taking a group of grads + undergrads to Austin, TX for SxSWi 2016! We’re going to be creating an amazing experience. The class/trip will look something like this.

  • Students will attend class once a week to research + discuss the topics that will be covered this year.
  • Over the course of the 10 week quarter, students will develop a plan for the sessions they will attend.
  • On the 10th of March, students will arrive in Austin.
  • For the next 4 days, students will record sessions (audio) and document what they heard and how it can be applied to marketing.
  • The summaries will be compiled and organized into one BIG FAT deliverable and then distributed to current marketing students + marketing alums. This deliverable will have links to the original audio for additional detail.

That’s it! It’s going to be AMAZING!! Cannot wait . . .


By Michael Myers