Little Dead iPhone Apps


Just read a report by Greystripe, that talks about how iPhone app users are NOT utilizing their applications. The reports lists the following items of interest:

  • Users spend about 9.6 minutes at a time with their apps, accessing them nearly 20 times before they are abandoned.
  • 44% of iPhone app users have an income of $78,000 or more
  • 15% earn $165,000 or more
  • 52% of app users are male and the rest are (you guessed it) female.
  • 45% of those are between the ages of 18 and 34

The findings are indiciative of where most users are with respect to the app market. We are firmly in the novelty phase for the majority of users, while super users have figured out what a tool the iPhone is with such applications as iCharge. I’ll be curious to see if the abandonment numbers hold true for Android, Blackberry and eventually Nokia users as their applications are sold and tracked.

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