ITEC 4700: Class 3 – social objects, social graph, social capital


Tonight was our third class and we discussed the concepts of social objects, the social graph and the social capital; what can I say, it was a social night. We reviewed the importance of identifying and tying experiences to your product/service. We talked about the rules of building social capital according to Chris Brogan:

  • Listen first – before you do anything, make sure you know who you’re talking to.
  • Measure conversations – figure out how valuable conversations are to you and your goals.
  • Small steps – trust is something that comes over time. Go slow.
  • Lead an initiative – once you’ve established yourself with like minded peers, figure out if you can help them attain a group goal.
  • Profit – never forget that you’d like to make money.

The students shared their interests in everything from CrossFit to the engineering of bridges. We also discussed the concept of the social graph and now that I think of it, I forgot to talk about the impact of this on their business and search. We’ll talk about it on Thursday.

Next class we’re going to talk about blogging, WordPress and Technorati.


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  • Great intro to WordPress last night. It turns out the Crossfit main site, and the hundreds of affiliate sites use WordPress as the format – very visually simple and usable.

    Didn’t get to ask you in class last night…is it appropriate for one person to have more than one blog (i.e. personal, professional, etc…)? And should these blogs be linked to each other? I feel like there should be one vantage point for “Justin Raddatz,” and branches off that leading to each social network/application that I have, and just use permission restrictions if needed. Is that what facebook is trying to be? Something more than just an aggregator like Digsby, but a virtual “front door.” If I let you in the front door, then I’ll show you all the other rooms inside…for some people some doors might be locked, but they’re all included inside this single front door. Just an observation…

  • Excellent question. You can have more than one blog and most who are active do blog on multiple sites.

    Most personal branding strategies have multiple personalities ( and I recommend building them up to a level that your comfortable with and allow for a small amount of overlap. AND it’s important to keep them separate as well. LinkedIn should have a professional photo (business casual is okay) and posts should be short and professional, based on your personality.

    Facebook should be the other end of the spectrum remaining personal and allowing people to see the other side of you. For Twitter is the odd on out. I use it for both.

    Because LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have the user base there and the wide open web make it hard to get traffic I would suggest you start there and see if you need a blog.

    Also, in my mind bloggers and people that use social media are different animals on the food chain with different goals. It’s good to figure out who you are before moving in any direction.

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