ITEC 4700: Class 2 – Conceptual Model cont’d


Class last night was good. We ran through the conceptual model (four tiers of increasing engagement) I developed to define the relationships that businesses can have with customers online. The questions were good and we reviewed the need for SEO. At the end of class we had a conversation about their businesses and how deep down the model, they felt they could get while thinking about what types of strategies/tactics they could take. Some of the more interesting ones were someone who works for Janus Capital talked about enabling their analysts to tweet about changes in the market, thus educating each other real time. Much like @stocktwits but specific to one organization. The importance of transparency (which is the #2 word on the banned words for 2010 according to Time) is high when doing something like this. You don’t want analysts tweeting erroneous information to increase investors comfort level. The other model that got my attention was Icelantic. Chris, one of the other students is very fortunate to work for Icelantic, who has utilized social media and has a rabid fan base. One method had fans voting on what artwork was going to be used on future skis. I’m going to see if I can interview Icelantic; stay tuned.

Next class we’re going to talk about social objects, social capital and non-revenue based economies.

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