iPhone vs. Android


There has been a lot of hype around the Android release and Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt was quoted as saying that Android was “about to explode”. Sounds great, but . . . I have to lived through the “Linux on the desktop” hype so it’s really hard to imagine that Android or BlackBerry will ever really give Apple a run for their money. In the end, I believe that Apple will own the app market and Andorid and BlackBerry will be share equal  yet much lesser numbers of users. From my perspective, the iPhone app market is for tech-savvy business people and there are many more of those than Android users who I think of as business-savvy techies. No small disctinction here. If someone is reading Slashdot, they are a techie. The other reads TechCrunch. Techies are definitely a group of trend setters when it comes to all things online & mobile yet they are not a numerical majority.

I believe how successful Android becomes is more a test of how much techies are the taste-makers today. Just like rock stars in the 70s (without the groupies of course) techies have been trend-setters for the last 5-10 years. Time will tell how well the followers of techies embrace Android and their chances are greater now then they’ve ever been due to the abundance of social media. Gonna be a cage match!

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