NEWS FLASH! Typing on a handheld device sucks


Saw this video on TechCrunch the other day and aside from the fact that they should have found someone who could type on an iPhone, I was surprised this is still a point of conversation. When people talk about making the device easier to use they are speaking about input. Typing on a mobile device sucks. Don’t care if it’s a Blackberry or an iPhone. The output is what matters. A user should be able to talk into the device (especially in a whisper) and have it translate it to text or send that audio to the person. The instinct is already there since people are accustomed to talking into phones.

I didn’t buy an iPhone at first primarily because of the lack of a tactile keyboard. I have to say, that issue is a non issue now. Took about 2 weeks. AND now matter how good I get at using any keyboard on any mobile device, it does not compare to voice-to-text.

Of course there are social situations where typing is the only option and my favorite voice-to-text company, SpinVox is in trouble for using bipeds for translation instead of technology. (Something about privacy. blah. blah.)

I have nothing against Swype and hope that they’re very successful. And either way you slice it; voice-to-text is the answer.

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