CRUCES Defined


The goal of this blog is to help shed light on changes taking place with respect to the online market place. I refer to this as the LivingMarket and define it as the combination of marketing strategies (social media, SEO/SEM & traditional) along branding channels such as IPTV, mobile, web and advertising that appeal to specific niches. The diagram below illustrates this with the brand channels on the left and the niches (B2C & B2B) along the bottom. Where the branding channels/marketing strategies intersect within the niches are what I would like to discuss. These are the cruces (plural form of crux) of the LivingMarket.


Eventually I will invite others to participate in this blog. The goal of this blog can only be attained with multiple perspectives, including those from other cultures are provided around each intersection of the LivingMarket.

The target audience of this blog is business people that are not yet familiar with the changing face of online marketing including mobile. As of August 07, I’m not taking comments on my blog as there is little traffic. When the numbers get where they need to be I will turn commenting on. If you have something you would like to say please email me at and I add it as a comment.

Obviously, I reserve the right to stray from this subject matter.

By Michael Myers