Blackberry Needs a Rick Rubin


For those of you who don’t know who Rick Rubin is you’ll most likely know many of the artists he has produced over the years. An abbreviated version of list contains Beastie Boys, The Cult, Mick Jagger, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against the Machine, Tom Petty, Weezer, Neil Diamond, Jay Z, U2 and most recently Metallica. Rubin claims he has no technical skill and simply...

The Death of the Homepage


In one of my earlier posts about findability I used a search on nike shoes as an example of how even the best companies don’t fully understand search tactics. My point was that people are searching for products or services; not companies. Consumers will only take the time to find out about companies after they have found a product or service that meets their needs. Nike’s more...

CRUCES Defined


The goal of this blog is to help shed light on changes taking place with respect to the online market place. I refer to this as the LivingMarket and define it as the combination of marketing strategies (social media, SEO/SEM & traditional) along branding channels such as IPTV, mobile, web and advertising that appeal to specific niches. The diagram below illustrates this with the brand...