Open to Interpretation


I saw the Nutcracker this past weekend with my Daughter and her Cousin AND my Mom. (Wife was home with the baby, listening to him cry. Good times!) It was an eventful day as I had no cash to PREPAY for parking. Prepay? For parking . . . What!?!?!?! So I had to drop them off and then go park the car. By the time I got back to the theater I had missed the opening curtain and was not allowed to sit...

Wall•E Gets it Right


Back in July I posted about Truth in Marketing in regards to the wasteful schwag that had been handed out at the Wall•E premiere. I described the movie as R2D2 falls in love with a trigger happy iPod. My point was that the marketers were not true to the character or the message of the movie. The movie showed wastefulness being the downfall of the human race and yet the marketing team for Pixar...

Advertising as Self-Expression


I recently received an email from Juliana Stein who is the Communications Manager of Oceana informing me that I could now support the not-for-profit by having Oceana ads on my site. The email had a link to all of the ad options and the code I needed to insert the ad. That started me thinking. What is the one thing that makes a website seem like a “real” site? Yep. Sad to say, but...

Collaboration and the Rise of the Prosumer: The Fourth Level of Online Customer Relationship


In my last several posts I have described at a high-level what kind of online relationships businesses can have with their customers. From your businesses visibility online (findability) to having your product/service recommended to other potential customers (recommendation) to being as honest with your client base (transparency); businesses are figuring out how to utilize the internet to build...

Transparency: The Third Level of Building Deep Customer Relationships


My last two posts I have covered the first two steps in creating deep customer relationships; findability and recommendation. I would now like to turn my attention to the next step which is transparency. In their groundbreaking work, The Cluetrain Manifesto, Chris Locke, Doc Searls and David Weinberger proposed that businesses behaving as walled gardens and giving their customers whatever the...

Recommendation: The Second Step of Building Deep Customer Relationships


In my last post, I talked about the importance of findability in regards to building deep online relationships. I would now like to talk about the next level of relationship that businesses can foster with their client’s; a relationship where customers turn into advocates for the businesses they frequent. Chris Anderson wrote in his ground breaking work, The Long Tail that content is no...

Findability: The First Step in Building Deep Customer Relationships


There has been a lot of talk (for a long time) about Web 2.0 and what it means to the online market. The term was first used by O’reilly Media in 2003 and is used to describe a group of technologies that enable online communities. Many in the web industry are sick of the term and yet most business people have only heard the term recently often confusing it with a new platform. Perhaps most...

CRUCES Defined


The goal of this blog is to help shed light on changes taking place with respect to the online market place. I refer to this as the LivingMarket and define it as the combination of marketing strategies (social media, SEO/SEM & traditional) along branding channels such as IPTV, mobile, web and advertising that appeal to specific niches. The diagram below illustrates this with the brand...

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