Link to EpicMix 2012 (video)

I’ve finally go this configured and I’m geeking OUT!!

Link to Track your competition’s social media with Unmetric (video)
Link to A day made of glass 2 (video)

Corning is back and they’ve created an updated video outlining the future of everywhere computing as they see it. Here is the original video.

Tonight we reviewed our conversation with Red Rocks earlier in the day. About 8 students and myself interviewed some of the team members at Red Rocks and again we saw that there is nothing but opportunity. The trick will be amplifying Red Rocks existing brand through mobile marketing and mobile technology without diminishing the brand. …

From today’s public filing for Facebook, the following sentence was listed as one of the risks. We believe that mobile usage of Facebook is critical to maintaining user growth and engagement over the long term, and we are actively seeking to grow mobile usage, although such usage does not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue. …

Link to Physical Like tool enables social commerce

Laugh now but I would expect Facebook to bake this type of functionality into their next app. LikeBelt is one of many helping social commerce become a seamless!

Tonight we covered the concept of events as it relates to mobile marketing. Events are an essential element to any brand experience and we reviewed how to address the three phases of an event; before, during and after. We reviewed strategies and tactics that can be used prior to the event leveraging Facebook, Tweetups, SMS, …

Link to Clear. An amazing UI for your to-do list