The evolution of digital content



Aggregation - Back in the day there was this thing called RSS, which stood for Really Simple Syndication. It was a way of getting a list of all the content that a site created in one easy to read list. Yep. It’s still around. There’s one in the upper right hand corner of this site.

Curation – Now there is a amazing tool called Twitter. Twitter allows you to follow specific individuals that spend time finding/sharing content that you will be interested in. They act as filters and the quality of your feed is dependent on the quality of who you follow.

Contextual – In the very near future, you’ll be receiving content that will be specific to you. Contextual in regards to time of day, current location, social media personas and purchase history. Anything that seems spooky or creepy now (Google Now), will be the expectation in 5 years.  Expect push notifications to become much more media rich.

Each iteration get’s closer to knowing you and giving you exactly what you want. Brick by brick.

By Michael Myers