Will the iPhone be the gaming console for the iPad?


I’m on the list! I have an iPad on reserve and very soon I will stand in a long line with many others to get what can only be called the most anticipated piece of computing since . . . well . . . since the iPhone!

I’ve also been playing games on my iPhone (Primarily Asphalt 4) and I like them a lot but I have to say that blocking the screen with my thumbs to navigate is somewhat less than perfect. If it’s all I have that’s fine. But soon, that’s not all that I’ll have.

Seem’s logical to me that the iPhone will end up being the game console for the iPad. It has the accelerometer and the multi-touch screen, etc. All you have to do is connect the iPhone to the iPad via bluetooth and you’ve got a complete gaming console. Now, if only there were an app for that.

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