Why Can’t I Stream Movies from Netflix Without Being a Member?


Why can’t I stream movies from Netflix without being a member?

I understand Netflix not wanting to send a non-member a DVD but I’m not talking about that. I just want to stream a movie and don’t really want to join. This is not because I don’t like the company but because I can’t plan out when I’ll watch a movie due to the constraints of fatherhood. Netflix is one of those great companies that I would like to play a part in the success of but they really need to let me stream a movie for $5 when I want to instead of making me join.

I called them and asked them if I could stream a movie without being a member. (Maybe I missed it on the site.) The incredibly nice (and not in a fake way) customer service rep told me that I could not do that. When I asked her why that was, she told me she did not know. Can’t figure out why with respect to technology or their business model, I can’t do this.

Okay. Done venting. I wonder what’s on Hulu?

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