If You’re Hungry for New Shoes, Try Puma’s Mongolian Barbeque


If you have narrow feet and want your own customized shoes, go to Puma’s Mongolian Barbeque. The site launched in 2006 (yes, that was three years ago; I’m just getting around to it. I’ve been busy!) and allows you to customize your shoe just about any way you’d like it; except allow you to order it in a different width.

It is a perfect example of what most remember The Cluetrain Manifesto for, which is mass customization. The interface allows you to select colors and materials from a pallet to create a very customized tool. The options are amazing and one of the best features allows you to look through a gallery of shoes that users have created. Some of my favorites are (you will need to be logged in to view these):

This ‘Anonymous’ person has been busy!

I couldn’t think of what to name this shoe and won’t order it unfortunately. Have I mentioned that you need to have narrow feet to wear Pumas?


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  • I had no idea that Puma offered customized shoes. I have been using Nike and they do offer the same customization as well as different sizes and widths. I will check out Puma and see what they have to offer.

  • This is excellent! I love Puma but always struggle to get the trainers i want in the size i need. Hopefully this is the answer iv been wishing for! I just hope its not too spenny…

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