How is Tron Legacy like good social media?


Yes I know the movie has been out for a while. I’ve been busy! I was actually watching some of the DVD extras and found out that Joseph Kosinki, the director of Tron Legacy was an architect. My bachelors degree is in architecture and I understand that mindset. The job of an architect is to create the potential for relationships to occur. They create spaces, lighting and texture that...

The impact of social media on architecture


I have a friend who’s an architect and we recently had an interesting conversation around the concept of community; online and off-line. Online communities extend to all areas of the world, filled with people that you’ve met over the years. LinkedIn and Facebook are excellent mediums for international connections as well as connecting with people in the next cube over. As for off-line...

Cultural notes on Brazil from Ricardo Mello


Back in May, I emailed a friend of mine from Brazil, about the graph below and asked him: what is up with Brazilians?!?!? His response is as follows: Brazil had an early start adopting the internet and in fact, over the years developed a strong internet culture and environment. It has local internet companies and probably around 80,000 million people with Internet access (Brazil’s active...

Information Technology Strategy: Class 3 – Social Media


Monday night we began covering social media and how to develop deep relationships online. We walked through the conceptual model of Findable, Recommendable, Transparent and Collaborative.  From there we moved on to the benefits of social media. Habitual vs. Loyal – Buying from Amazon is a habit of mine. I would just as likely to to Overstock.com to buy my books. Craftsman Mentality –...

Oliver Blanchard on Social Media ROI


The thing that always frustrates business when talking about social media and ROI, is when I tell them it depends on their business model. This makes logical sense but more want there to be a predefined recipe. Not likely but Oliver Blanchard does an excellent job of steering you down the right path. Below is the presentation he did at WOM Super Genius and below that is his PPT. Enjoy!

Why does social media fail?


I got a call from a friend who’s going to pitch some social media work and we got to talking about what direction he wanted to take the conversation. It raised some excellent points that many fail to see unless you’ve been through it. I’ve used this recipe in the past and it has worked for me. Obviously you always want to start the conversation with: “What are your goals...

Mobile: a perfect storm


I’m in the process of redesigning my site and yes; I have been for several months. I’ve been rebranded myself as of 4 months ago; focusing on social media, mobile marketing and the impact on consumer goods. The redesign is a difficult process and it would be much smarter to just pick an existing template . . . but . . . you know how that whole wisdom thing goes. Anyway, I’m in...

Ignore at Your Own Risk


I saw Guy Kawasaki Tweet about an article entitled Should brands ignore social media criticism?, and I had to read/respond. Overall it’s a good article and worth reading. One highlight from the post: But what if some brands are paying too much attention to social media? Is it possible that the most vocal on Facebook and Twitter and in the blogosphere not only don’t represent the...