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Multiple Persona Disorder?


I’ve posted about the potential for the browser to become a users online persona or shadow; the representation/summation of that person’s preferences. I’ve also talked about the future of OpenID and dataportability and how these two concepts together will create a marketers dream, which is an online persona that a person can plug into a companies environment (as long as that...

Your Advertising Partner


I read yet another article in the Wall Street Journal this past week about cable customers up in arms about their online behavior being tracked even though they would remain technically anonymous. Not sure what the big deal is if they can remain truly anonymous. They would essentially see your online shadow, would allow you to turn it on or off and would enable on-demand personalized marketing. I...

Personalized Marketing


OpenID + Data Portability + Mobile Number + Persona Control = Personalized Marketing The original idea behind OpenID (much like Microsoft Passport) was to provide a single login to allow user-members to go from site to site without having to sign-in to each one separately. Now that browsers keep track of your login information the original goal is lost and yet Google has committed to OpenID and...