Social Networking


Just got an email from a friend of mine who’s looking for a new opportunity and how he used Twitter & LinkedIn to get 2 interviews in 30 minutes. The email is below:

Unbelievable how fast this online media stuff can connect you.  Looking for a job, got a Twitter feed this morning of best companies to work for in America.  <company name> with Denver office came up.  Quick visit to the site, dropped off my resume.  Jumped on LinkedIn, <contact> had 2nd degree connection with senior guy over there, who is also an EMBA.  Sent him an email and we have lunch on Saturday.  Did a hash tag search on twitter, found the recruiting director of Denver on there.  Sent her a message.  We have coffee next week.  Searched the company on LinkedIn, found a connection with the national recruiting director.  Sent him a message. And, the senior guy’s wife does Crossfit and was stoked that I was involved.  He found out (I was into Crossfit) on my linked in group.  And the network never stops growing…

What can I say?

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  • Wow that really does illustrate the power of social networking. I doubt many career advisers have cottoned on to this avenue of job seeking yet but I’m sure that in a few years time job hunting in this style will be the norm.