GetGlue should let users add images


Before I start this post I don’t want anyone to think I’m picking on GetGlue. On the contrary. I like the app and even though I don’t watch much TV, I’d like to use the app more. As I was watching the #tourdefrance today I realized more than ever, I would like be to able to add images to my GetGlue checkin. As most of you know, the future of social is mobile + ├é┬ávisual. (Think Pinterest and Instagram.) Not to mention the emergence of media stacking. These two trends make images (literally screenshots) in GetGlue a no brainer.

Aside from making posts more media rich, GetGlue could use these images to extract data on peoples preferred scenes. Instead of counting on people to talk about their favorite parts of TV shows/movies, they would have images of their favorite parts. I also think there would be some unique opportunities for users around binge-watching: creating a visual timeline of their favorite items.

. . . and then of course there are GIFs. Tumblr users already create a metric-ton of GIFs for the shows they love and by embracing this behavior in the GetGlue app, Tumblr users would be more likely to utilize the app.

You could also add video but images are more powerful in regards to social sentiment. People know what they’re getting into with images but video is a mixed bag. The first 5 seconds could be amazing and the rest of the video could be terrible Baby steps . . .


By Michael Myers