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GetGlue should let users add images


Before I start this post I don’t want anyone to think I’m picking on GetGlue. On the contrary. I like the app and even though I don’t watch much TV, I’d like to use the app more. As I was watching the #tourdefrance today I realized more than ever, I would like be to able to add images to my GetGlue checkin. As most of you know, the future of social is mobile +  visual...

What’s media stacking and how can I use it?


For months now I’ve been seeing stats the increasing number of us that watch television and text or watch television and work on the computer. This is known as media stacking. I do this all the time and I took and informal poll of my students and 100% of my students do this. This of course begs the question; how can I take advantage of this? Assuming you’re a business you can utilize...