Geeking out with my Wife!


So . . . today, my wife says, “Hey honey. Why don’t we go to Red Rocks and take some pictures on Instagram and publish them to Foursquare.

After my brain did several summer-salts for a couple of seconds I tried to figure out when the aliens had managed to grab my wife and replaced her with exact replica AND if they were going to bring my real wife back soon.

Almost all joking aside, we are in uncharted behavioral territory. My wife (who has in fact, never been abducted by aliens but did have an “alien card” at one point) didn’t set eyes on a computer until she was 21. (She says this was only 2 years ago but I know better.)

This was also, not some attempt to apease my inner-geek, which is actually more and more an outer-geek lately. This was her idea and because she has spent some time with online tools such as Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram, she’s beginning, as am I, to see how the apps really fit into her life.

When I talk with clients, I refer the smartphone as a Swiss Army knife due to all of its capabilities across multiple mediums/networks. Today my wife and I lived it, purely for recreation. It was our first mobile/social/location based journey. We’re now even more excited (if that’s possible) about International travel. It’s easy to imagine walking around Tokyo, Angkor Wat or Russia, taking shots and geo-tagging them. Something to look back on when you get older and can’t remember where and when you traveled somewhere. A new version of the slideshow with a map as the interface.

We had a lot of fun today and it will be interesting to see how the behavior makes its way into our other interests such as biking, snowboarding and photography. The thing my wife and I discussed afterward was how this type of technology can become the social experience. We spent some quality time together primarily because of a couple of iPhones and some apps. (Inner and outer-geek silently rejoices!)

I’ve included some of our shots that we put on Instagram/Foursquare. My wife wanted me to tell you  that the best pictures were taken by her and the others, that are just “okay”, are mine.

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