No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Forkly (video)


I’m excited to have Martin May & Brady Becker guest lecture in my class tomorrow night. I posted about their new venture back in September and here’s a video outlining @Forkly.

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 7 – SMS


Tonight we talked about the SMS marketing. We covered the fundamentals around launching a marketing campaign but I quickly followed those fundamentals up with recommendations that an SMS agency be hired. Someone like Mozes and DOTGO are adept and handling the sheer joy that are the carrier playbooks. For those of you lucky enough to never have suffered this process,the playbooks are a set of...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 6 – TEST!!!!!


I’m posting this live, from my class. My undergrads are taking their first essay test and LOVING every second of it! (I actually had a student ask if they could get extra credit if they did the test on their smartphone. NICE!) I’m not a fan of tests since most people will never take a test in the professional world, unless they get certifications. I definitely prefer to give huge...

The things you know, you know


Let’s talk about knowing. There are things you know, you know. There are things you know. And the things you know you don’t know. When I read something about nuclear physics: I know I dont know. When I read something elemental about social marketing; I know. (Click here to read about the myth of the Guru.) When I read something about a marketing campaign I contributed to: I know, I...

Mobile Marketing Class: Day 5 – Mobile SEO


Last night we covered mobile SEO. Luckily, most of the students were familiar with SEO so it was much less of a conceptual hurdle. To ensure everyone was on the same page, we outlined the basics and then moved on the differences for mobile SEO. Conversions are hard to track because mobile searches end up with in-store purchases more than standard web searches. When you look at analytics for...

The death of the long tail and it’s impact on discoverablity (infographic)


If you don’t know what the long tail is it would be good to read this book. The book written by @chr1sa outlines several important things but has a tremendous impact on Google’s search. ~1/3rd of searches on Google are terms that had never been seen before. The last section of the long tail generates a significant amount of revenue for Rhapsody. 30% if memory serves. Needless to say...

The impact of the post-pc era on residential architecture


I posted about the impact social media could have on architecture a year ago and have recently been thinking about how our post-PC devices, impact our in-home behavior. My wife and I are on our devices all day and these are some of the things I believe will be impacted. No more book shelves – I’ve always thought book shelves displayed prominently as a backdrop in residential...

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