Couple. An app for . . . couples (video)


My wife and I are pretty geeky and this app simply aggregates that geekiness into one interface. Couple breaks out media into formats similar to Tumblr. Text, images, video, audio, “thinking of you”, share location, create/send a sketch, sketch together and something called a Thumbkiss. (You put your thumb on the screen at the same time as your significant other and the screen changes color.) Also, if you have the app open at the same time, you can create a FaceTime session.

This has replaced texting (logistics/grocery lists) and telling my wife where I am when it’s too boring to share with Foursquare connections. It has made it easy to share information with the sketches and it’s nice to to know she’s thinking of me. The thumbkiss is a little much for me but I guess it’s for those long distance couples and that was probably the safest part of your anatomy to put on the screen. :)

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By Michael Myers