Wall•E Gets it Right



Back in July I posted about Truth in Marketing in regards to the wasteful schwag that had been handed out at the Wall•E premiere. I described the movie as R2D2 falls in love with a trigger happy iPod. My point was that the marketers were not true to the character or the message of the movie. The movie showed wastefulness being the downfall of the human race and yet the marketing team for Pixar handed out items that would easily make their way to the trash. (Although, I am still wearing the Wall•E watch.)

Needless to say I was delighted when we received the DVD in the mail and saw that the case was made entirely of card stock instead of the standard plastic case. It read:

DVD Tray is RECYCLED | 30% Total Recovered | Fiber & Post Consumer | 100% Recyclable

Wall•E  and Pixar have redeemed themselves.

By Michael Myers