Unhappy Halloween!


No. You’re not looking at a post from two months ago. Read on . . .

So as I look through the analytics for this site I see that a lot of traffic from search results with users looking for Michael Myers of the Halloween movie series, which has a total of 8 movies (if you don’t include Halloween 3; and you shouldn’t). The searches within Michael Myers are varied. Some examples are:

  1. is michael myers real
  2. michael myers shirts
  3. michael myers book
  4. when is michael myers going to die
  5. michael myers nikes
  6. target michael myers
  7. michael myers games
  8. questions about michael myers
  9. michael myers song
  10. history of michael myers

What does this prove? This proves that not all traffic is good traffic and I can’t escape the brand of Michael Myers the killer. The web (search specifically) is all about finding exactly what you’re looking for. There is always the potential for discovery and yet we have to take into consideration the target market. My bounce rate is much higher than it should be since most people who find this site via a Michael Myers search are not really interested in marketing or social media. (They do seem to like my Death of the Home Page post. Maybe they think it’s gory?)

Until there is an implementation of Negative Keywords in the SEO world, I will get to enjoy this misplaced celebrity. Until then; Unhappy Halloween!

By Michael Myers