Web 2.0 for the CIO (part 1)


I was recently invited to guest lecture by Professor McCubbrey of the Daniels Information Technology and eCommerce department about the implications Web 2.0 has for CIOs. I put together a list of topics that I feel most CIOs (B2B vs. B2C/ product vs. service) need to consider when developing technology/business strategies. The outline for the lecture was as follows: Deep Relationships Twitter...

ITEC 4700: Class 1 – Conceptual Model


I taught my first class at Daniels College of Business last night. (Web 2.0 for Business Success.) It was awesome and I had a good time. I’ve got a tremendous group of students with a diverse set of interests. We scratched the surface of the artist formerly known as Web 2.0 and then walked through the evolution to the Internet since businesses first entered the fray. We also installed...

Unhappy Halloween!


No. You’re not looking at a post from two months ago. Read on . . . So as I look through the analytics for this site I see that a lot of traffic from search results with users looking for Michael Myers of the Halloween movie series, which has a total of 8 movies (if you don’t include Halloween 3; and you shouldn’t). The searches within Michael Myers are varied. Some examples...