Web 2.0 for the CIO (part 2)


Back on April 13th, I lectured in Professor McCubbrey’s class on how a CIO could use Web 2.0 for their business. The focus of that lecture really how the social media landscape is evolving and then talk about how a CIO may utilize  these changes. The reason for this method lies in that it’s too hard without specifying whether it’s a B2B/B2C model or a product/service. I covered...

ITEC-4700: Class 5 – Wikipedia


Last night we reviewed Wikipedia as a business (cleverly using Wikipedia) and we looked that the other businesses that Wikipedia has created. Wikibooks – A collection of educational textbooks that anyone can edit. Wiktionary – Their version of a dictionary. Wikiversity – Content around learning resources and learning projects. Wikinews – User generated news. Wikispecies...

Wikipedia Prepares to Monetize


I read on the 26th that Wikipedia is now going have subject matter experts review various entries. There have been editors that reviewed entries for overall quality but never an assigned subject matter expert reviewing the entries. I wonder which entries will reviewed and how the decision was made to review those. (For those that are not reviewed by SMEs, Wikipedia will be highlighting...