Brick & mortar businesses now have the advantage


Back in the day, online businesses claimed they had a strategic advantage over brick & mortar businesses because of the reduction in overhead and their ability to sell to anyone in the world. Think Amazon. With the rise of location based marketing, brick and mortar may now have the upper hand. As of today, unless it’s a brand you love, search is the key to ecommerce. You look. You find...

Locals only: What does hyper-local mean?


We’ve been hearing the term hyper-local thrown around and declared the future of social media/mobile for the past year. Sounds great. Now, what the hell does it mean? At 30,000 ft, hyper-local means instead of saying Denver, you’d break Denver out into its constituent parts such as Highlands, Capital Hill, LoDo, LoHi, Edgewater, Cherry Creek and WashPark. Something, only locals would...

Going mobile with Icelantic skis


It’s been a couple months since I posted about one of my new favorite companies (even though their skiers), Icelantic. The person responsible for their social strategy is currently in the class I’m teaching and he’s done an amazing job organizing their social effort. I wanted to take some time and explore additional things Icelantic could do to help deepen their brand. Most of...