The real issue with privacy


IMHO I pretty much nailed how privacy needs to be handled on a person-by-person level here. But we can’t even get to this point if we don’t solve one issue that 100% of everyone agrees needs to be solved. Security. As a consumer, I can’t even begin to worry about how you’re going to use my data if you can’t protect my data. I am not an identity theft expert but I do...

Blackphone = mobile privacy


A while ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him to create a phone that “lied”. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant.  After we discussed it, I understood that he not only wanted his privacy protected while on a mobile device, he wanted to send the carriers et al, false information. If you were in the #303 the phone would say you were in Montana or Saigon (Needless to...



I recently received an update on the Big Boulder Initiative from Gnip. (More info here.) There were three things in update that really interested me. 1) Privacy – what is it and how can it be provided,  2) ROI – because we all hate wasting money and 3) Education – I love to teach. The biggest potential to derail social data and it’s application in making businesses...

What does Facebook know about Max Schrems of Vienna? (video)


I think of privacy like I think of the tooth fairy. I believed it existed when I was younger but then I grew up and realized that there really is no such thing. (Maybe I can put some money under my pillow for some privacy!) It looks like Max Schrems is on his way to figuring this out and maybe he’ll get all of his information. Enjoy!

Cultural differences in privacy will hinder the mobile/social explosion


I recently read an article in The Economist that talks about the cultural differences between the US and Europe when it comes to digital privacy. It’s a good article and it begs the question, what the coming mobile/social explosion will look like for cultures that have a stronger sense of personal privacy than the US. The immense success of social media and the smartphone over the past...