Map Schmap!


Way back in July (sound familiar?) I posted about Twitter, geo-targeting and location based services combining to create what I referred to as conduit marketing. (Also talked about it here and recently here.) About a month ago I heard of a company called Schmap and how they were using Twitter to essentially create the foundation for this type of service. They call it Geotweeting. (Brightkite does...

Geotargeting + Location Based Services + Twitter = Conduit Marketing


Recently (and reluctantly) I signed up for Twitter. I only say reluctantly because there is a good chance that a constant feed based on my life will be somewhat less than what I would like it to be. Or it may be more PC to say different from what I think it should be. I have two young children and my ability to travel and do the things that I used to do have been somewhat hampered by my need to...

Geotargeting Interacting with Location Based Services


I was recently having a conversation with a client about digital signage and how this could be used in different types of venues. Everything from retail to hotels could easily find a clever usage for this technology as it is. We then started to talk about the potential of digital signage as the “anchor” for location based services. In brief, these are marketing efforts provided by...