Getting people to use mobile for transactions


Mobile commerce is here!!!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard that I’d have about 35 cents. But this time will surely be different! Apple has jumped into the ring for the higher end of the market and MCX with CurrentC will get the lower end. There’s only one small problem: just because people can do something doesn’t mean they will. Mobile transactions aren’t a reason to buy. (We’re not even going to discuss Coin’s play into mobile commerce.) Rumor has it that about 11% of people at Target use mobile devices to purchase things. That’s a pretty amazing percentage when you think of it but, it’s people who embrace new technologies/methods. Early adopters. Geeks! How are you going to get the other bazillion people to utilize mobile commerce? I’m glad you asked! (Just to be clear, I’m talking about in-store purchases. Not mobile sites.)

Loyalty programs – Loyalty programs would obviously be preloaded. You’d earn points and  help consumers buy what they want the most.

Mobile coupons – Preloaded and geo-fenced so that consumers receive an alert for items they want when they are close to the store. (Just like the Starbucks app after you’ve selected your favorite stores.) I’ve seen mobile coupon redemption as high as 50%+ and there are people that feel if something is discounted, you have to buy it! Push alerts could definitely be used to play off of this behavior.

Social commerce – The app would allow you to share what you bought with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, SnapChat. It would also allow you to give 5 of your closest friends a discount on those products even if it wasn’t on sale.

Data – Of course, there is a metric-ton of data that comes with transactions. This data would be used to refine the types of offers and it would important to partner with the consumer to ensure they understand the benefit they’re getting by sharing their data. Of course they could not allow their data to be used. (Of course the quality of offers would decrease.)

I enjoy using my mobile phone to buy things and I’m looking forward to buying with things using my Apple Watch!

By Michael Myers