ITEC 4700: Class 11 – YouTube


Last night we reviewed YouTube. We took a look at the Icelantic Channel and took a look at the built in analytics specific to an individual video. Pretty amazing information given that it’s free. Leave it to Google. Unfortunately there are no English Pirate speakers in this demographic as there were on their Facebook account. This information also helps you understand (screen shot below) that video needs to be put in as many places as it makes sense given the market/business model.

We reviewed the ability to annotate a video to share more information. I used this REAL video that REALLY happened to show how annotation works. We reviewed the ability to comment and talked about how this will eventually be found in Google search results as they move towards a more diverse search result. We also talked about transcribing the video that is hosted on your site (and hidden in a CSS; hide/unhide to make sure it does not hinder usability.) and discussed the ability for Google to eventually see into the annotations. Flash will have to get even friendlier and I’ve heard it’s on its way.

We talked about YouTube and how this can add to a companies transparency in much the same way that flickr does. Film the company party and share it with people. Let them see who you are. Field the comments and respond. It is also a great place to house product demos that can be found.

Here are some of the other things we discussed. (The first one from way back.)

Tonight we’re going to review the iPhone phenomenon!

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