Information Technology Strategy: Class 1


Tonight was the first class for the quarter this summer. This class if focused on how business people can use technology to grow their business. We reviewed the syllabus and introduced ourselves. I’ve got a very diverse group and everyone seems  to be engaged. (Yes. I know it’s only the first night.) The majority of students selected a required reading to present. The readings this quarter are The Cluetrain Manifesto, Getting Real, Wikinomics and The World is Flat. Excited to see what the students come up with for their class project, which is to create a business model based on the technologies, user behaviors we’ll be covering this quarter. Should be great.

At the end of class I briefly covered the concept of the Splinternet. This is essentially the theme of the course and the word simply indicates the numerous venues that the internet/technology have taken over the last two years. The Internet, Facebook, iPhone apps/iPad apps, Android, mobile sites, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, etc; all of these may be very important to your business, based on your business model.

Next class we’re going to cover the collision of the real world and the virtual world.

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