Fanatic Fans!


Established behavior + niche need = successful business

I’ve uttered this equation several hundred times over the past few years and I look for these qualities in every business model I review.

In the fall of 2009 Brian was at a Phoenix concert in Phoenix. As the concert started, he looked around and saw hundreds of people pulling out their smartphones to tweet, post pictures to Facebook, shoot video, text friends – sharing their personal experience of the concert. At the time he thought, wouldn’t it be great if there were a way to share all the information with Phoenix fans (in Phoenix and beyond). One stream that fans could use to share their unique experience of the concert.

Enter Fanatic Fans.

A little over a year later the Fanatic Fans iPhone application will launch early Q2 with Android at the end of Q3. Fortunately for Brian, his father was/is the CEO of a company called Calibrus, that’s in the process of redefining its business model to be focused on the intersection of mobile and social. When Brian brought the concept of Fanatic Fans to Jeff it was a perfect fit and they set about raising capital.

When I review business models I look for things that are happening in the marketplace. We had a user base that was already using this medium as a fan. It was a no-brainer. – Jeff Holmes

The Fanatic Fans application, allows users to check-in to venues to earn points and attain badges. At this point, you’re saying; that sounds a lot like Foursquare. And you’d be right. The main difference lies in the fact that you can actually do something with the points you earn on Fanatic Fans. You’ll be able to redeem those points for tickets to the game, concert shirts, offers from local businesses such as restaurants and retail outlets. Loyalty will be rewarded.

After the initial launch of the application, the goal is to address the remainder of the splinternet.

  • Fans will be able to login to the Fanatic Fans website and experience the event vicariously through the eyes of their peers.
  • Fans on Facebook will have similar functionality.
  • An iPad version of the app is being prototyped with a focus on increasing engagement; the iPad’s strength.

Fanatic Fans is a business and a brand. Not just another application. Fanatic Fans already is busy developing partnerships. It’s an exciting time and we’re looking forward to growing the business.

Established behavior + niche need = Fanatic Fans

Disclaimer: I’m currently on the board of directors of Calibrus AND I would have posted about this application anyway. It’s a great idea! If you’d like to invest in the company, the investment presentation is below. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at michael[at]cruc[dot]es.