Every brand is on Tumblr


Way back on May 25th, @jim_edwards of Business Insider claimed in this article that very few brands were actually on Tumblr. (Yes. I realize it’s almost July 25. I’ve been busy.) The article goes on to say that many brands that are on Tumblr, are squatting to save their URLs. What I find fascinating is the fact that he’s dead wrong. In fact, all brands are on Tumblr. No really. Check it out.

The difference between his perspective and mine is that people have been adding images, video and god forbid; written content about all brands since the site launched back in 2006. To put it bluntly, most people care about the brand recognition among peers then following the company to see what they’re up to. Unless they’re hardcore fans.

So . . . sorry Jim. All brands are in fact on Tumblr. Below is a great example with Give Chrome a home.



By Michael Myers

I'm an Associate Teaching Professor of Digital Marketing at the Daniels College of Business, University of Denver. I also consult with startups and established brands. I'm currently interested in artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience and culture. I am married to an amazing woman and have two incredible children. I was raised in Colorado and spend my free time with family, cycling, snowboarding and going to the Pacific Ocean to SCUBA dive + surf. I'm passionate about architecture, design, street art, photography and tattooing.