What’s the Difference Between Viral and Social?


I got an email from a friend on Friday informing me that I had to see this amazing video and the sheer amount of calculus involved to pull it off was stunning. (Video at the bottom.) The video is well done and very funny. Makes me want to set up a huge Slip ‘n Slide. I would consider this video viral and I’m sure that many have seen it by now. The question is, do you remember who made...

The iPhone is the Concept Car


Ever wonder why auto makers don’t release concept cars as production cars? (Wow. I sound like Andy Rooney.) Well, I have. I’m not really a car guy and sometimes I do end up at car shows and see the most amazing cars but rarely do they end up in the showroom. Some recent examples are: The Cadillac Sixteen The Audi Locus The BMW H1 Volvo SC90 As far as I understand it, the car industry...

Will Ford Get Their Fiesta?


Ford has created a new social media campaign called the Fiesta Movement and the goal is to (you guessed it) sell cars. Ford has found 100 web-minded individuals “Agents” and have given them a Ford Fiesta to test drive. Every month for six months, each Agent will be given a mission starting tomorrow.  Many people in the industry are watching to see if this project is a success...

Design is Viral


There has been a lot of discussion over the last several months about whether viral marketing exists. The first time I heard this I agreed and used a coffin as an example of  something that would not sell virally. The product is inherently morbid and therefore was a dead end (no pun intended). As I think about it more I have read of the wealthy building large burial shrines for themselves. I...

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