QR code generates animated tattoo


As of a year ago, I imagined people walking around with QR codes on t-shirts to allow others to see the online side of themselves. (I still need to order mine.) I also imagined QR tattoos but thought it would be years away. I was WRONG! Enjoy!

Diesel’s social commmerce


I’ve posted about the flavors of social commerce before and mentioned Diesel’s in-store connection to Facebook in Spain. It looks like the experiment is over and they’re going to promote this form of social commerce using QR codes. I love it!

HTML 5 is almost there (video)


I believe the technology is going to get to where it needs to be unless apps can figure out how to do something that web apps can’t. The real question for me is bandwidth. Bandwidth is an extremely expensive problem to solve.

QR code building by Teradadesign + Qosmo


Teradadesign + Qosmo of Tokyo covered the facade of a building that when viewed through an iPhone app, shows ” virtual interactions”. (This is one of the ways I hoped this would go when I posted about QR codes and augmented reality being combined.) Enjoy!

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