No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Squirrels with FacePal are Following Owyang


I read a post on TechCrunch about one of the Twitter founders, Jack Dorsey starting a company, code-named squirrel that is going to enable individuals the ability to collect payments like merchants. The system is enabled by the iPhone and a physical piece that allows the user to swipe (not steal) a persons credit card. This physical part of this offering is powered by the actual swiping and looks...

iPhone Monetizing New Web, Part 3: The Details


I’ve recently posted about businesses utilizing iPhone applications to help monetize new web and aside from giving you some advertising details below, I wanted to clarify my recommendations. In order to take advantage of all that an iPhone application offers and help monetize your business, I suggest when someone hits your site from a mobile browser on the iPhone, they are given a choice of...

Converging in on Your Online Persona


I’ve posted about the creation of online personas and where they may live (the browser vs. the social network) and recently read (and commented on) a post entitled Firefox Could Be the Real Facebook Challenger by Marshall Kirkpatrick of Read Write Web. This is an excellent post and sites several reasons for Marshall’s belief that these two companies will soon be in the same business...

Mobile Ad Search


Almost a year ago I posted about mobile discovery and the challenges of measuring conversions. With the recent (and really good) news about advertising on iPhone applications (going from contextual on a mobile site to behavioral on an application) and GeoTweeting adoption growing, I’ve been thinking about the other side of conduit marketing; the business. I think it will be hard to convince...

GeoTweeting: The Start of Conduit Marketing


I talked the VP of Network Development for Schmap, Donald McMillan today. I posted about their GeoTweeting service and wanted to talk with them about their plans for the future; specifically what I’ve been calling, conduit marketing. At a high-level, they see the future of GeoTweets as something that ads value and more specifically things that; Enable tasks Allow users to share information We...

The iPhone is the Concept Car


Ever wonder why auto makers don’t release concept cars as production cars? (Wow. I sound like Andy Rooney.) Well, I have. I’m not really a car guy and sometimes I do end up at car shows and see the most amazing cars but rarely do they end up in the showroom. Some recent examples are: The Cadillac Sixteen The Audi Locus The BMW H1 Volvo SC90 As far as I understand it, the car industry...

Little Dead iPhone Apps


Just read a report by Greystripe, that talks about how iPhone app users are NOT utilizing their applications. The reports lists the following items of interest: Users spend about 9.6 minutes at a time with their apps, accessing them nearly 20 times before they are abandoned. 44% of iPhone app users have an income of $78,000 or more 15% earn $165,000 or more 52% of app users are male and the rest...

Seeqpod Get’s Hit by an Asteroid!


The asteroid in case, is the economy. Kasian will tell you that they were hit with an opportunity. I talked to Kasian Franks, CEO of Seeqpod yesterday and his company, like many companies, are finding ways to survive. I originally posted about Seeqpod here and then followed up here when the site went down. Seeqpod is easily one of my favorite online applications and I use it every day. When I...

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