No such thing as spare time.

No such thing as free time.

No such thing as downtime.

All you got is life time.


   -Henry Rollins

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Solving the Foursquare, employee-mayor problem


If you use Foursquare, this issue will sound familiar. (If you don’t use Foursquare, run right out and download your free version here. No really. It’s good for you.) The issue lies in that employees who use Foursquare are most likely to be the mayor of that location since they check in almost daily; assuming a 9-5/40 hours a week job. While this is great for double checking the...

Dislikes would be more valuable than Likes


In February 2009, Facebook introduced us to the concept of Like’s. The Like is simply an informal recommendation for just about anything. Music, news, products, etc . . . anything you want to attach it to. Businesses have tried to put a value on Likes with a recent estimate of $3.60 per Like (and $136.38 annually for each Fan). I’m not sure I’ve ever Liked anything and I’m...

Josh Homme and the power of transparency


As you may know I’m a huge fan of Anthony Bourdain. Although I think I pissed him off by telling him – via Twitter, while he was tweeting live during one of this year’s shows – that he should right a book about his travels, when in fact, he’d already done that with No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach. (Not a great move for a self-proclaimed fanboy.)...

Rise of the Mobile Influencer


After my last post I realized that I’ve been referring to a group of users as mobile influencers, but hadn’t defined them yet. Most of this is common sense but just in case . . . . These users are those that have an iPhone or Android and use them primarily for SMS or pushing data to social sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Foursquare. They utilize media in their postings to social...

Are Mountain Punks a niche?


If you live in Colorado you’ve seen them. They have: Short hair and long beards. Both ears pierced with heavy gauge earrings. At least 4 real tattoos; no barbed wire across the upper arm nonsense. Listen to bands like Lamb of God, Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash. Spend most of their money on the best mountain bikes (usually Yetis) and snowboards (or God forbid; skis). They live in the...

The Starbucks office


I just saw this article on Yahoo! News and I think it’s obvious that Starbucks doesn’t “get it”. The article talks about various Starbucks locations in New York, that are covering up the AC outlets, so that people can’t stay there and utilize the Internet connection for extended periods of time. When I say that they dont get it, I mean I don’t believe they...

Newsweek’s Clifford Stoll thought the Internet wouldn’t happen


This an old Newsweek article from February 27, 1995. The original article is here and I’m glad that Clifford was wrong. Hyper alert: Why cyberspace isn’t, and never will be, nirvana After two decades online, I’m perplexed. It’s not that I haven’t had a gas of a good time on the Internet. I’ve met great people and even caught a hacker or two. But today...

4th anniversary of CRUCES


When I was a young man, I pretty much had a comment for any and every situation. Although I believed this to be one of my many strengths, it wasn’t always appreciated. (Can you believe it!??!?!!?)  So much that my father told me one day that I reminded him of a type of tea that his girlfriend drank. The tea was called Constant Comment. For some reason this popped into my mind recently...

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