Link to Big Boulder 2014 (video)

Once again, I was fortunate enough to attend Gnip’s (now Twitter’s) Big Boulder Event. This is an amazing event overflowing thought leaders in the data industry. I’m going to post some thoughts later. Until then, enjoy the video! Below are some of the tweets I sent on while attending. T.R. Newcomb of @tumblr We have …

Foursquare is splitting their company in half and the new half is called Swarm. This is worth watching and they nailed their issue. Takes guts to do something like this. Enjoy!

Link to The North Face FootPower!

FootPower is a very clever solution to powering your devices when you’re in the wild. Enjoy!

Link to The User is Drunk!

Some great UI recommendations from @willdayble of @squareweave. (via @drewlawrence) Enjoy!

Link to Blackphone = mobile privacy

A while ago, a friend of mine asked me to help him to create a phone that “lied”. At first I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant.  After we discussed it, I understood that he not only wanted his privacy protected while on a mobile device, he wanted to send the carriers et al, false …

I recently had the good fortune to talk to Ed O’brien, part of the business development team at Chute. Chute is an amazing little company that utilizes user generated content (UGC) to promote brands. Their platform allows businesses to 1) discover, 2) engage and 3) secure permission to use the content and, 4) empower their …

Link to Apple’s CarPlay + Volvo

Check it out!