Wanted: The GetGlue open platform project



I love GetGlue. I like the app and the sense of community it creates. My only issue with the app -more the data – is that it doesn’t address the long tail of “TV” watching. In other words, I don’t watch TV. (Except for Bourdain.) Instead, the majority of my time watching video is online: Vimeo, Tumblr & YouTube. I have been very fortunate to find some amazing videos online. Below is a small sample:

Why so many links? The point is that there is a metric ton of content out there. (I don’t spend as much time online as you’d think.) If GetGlue would allow users to enter shows they’re watching and the source (URL, etc) GetGlue could get some real insight as to what resonates with people that don’t love TV. And there are a lot of us out there. Collecting this data could help shape future programming: on television and/or the web.

By Michael Myers