The Rising Seas Wetsuit (video)


This is a fascinating product from @vissla and @surfirder that sadly makes complete sense. As the ocean becomes more polluted, those of us that love SCUBA, surfing, etc will need to protect ourselves. Surfing particularly is known for some pretty serious illnesses depending on where you surf.  Obviously, it’s not just the ocean. In Colorado we’ve seen the rise of the “blue...

Green Foam is good for you!


Green Foam is a business a that creates and recycles surfboard cores. The dirty not-so-secret of the surfing industry for years was that in order to create the cores for surfboards required the use of noxious/pollutant materials. When Clark Foam shut down in 2005 after being in business since 1961, it left a huge void with many surfers running around buying boards (and blanks) trying to stock up...

This Ain’t the Mainland


I called Maui Hawaii yesterday in the hopes that I’d be able to talk to Louie Martin, founder of Tropix Surfboards and the Maui Built brand. After speaking with a couple of people at Tropix Central, I finally got him on the phone. I asked him if I could interview him for my blog and he told me he wasn’t interested. I had 15 questions and have been looking forward to speaking with him...

Surfing with Malcom Gladwell


This is my first “book report” and the standard spoiler alert is in full effect. I recently read Maclom Gladwell’s book Outliers and wanted to talk about it. To start, it was a great book. For those of you that are not familiar with the writings of Malcom Gladwell, he has written two other books of note; The Tipping Point and Blink, which I highly recommend. Gladwell has a way...

Surfing with My Eyes Open


When I surf the Internet, I search using Google or Ask’s images tab. I have found that by looking at the “raw materials” that make up a site, I can get a better sense of the site’s quality. The other thing that is brought to light by this is the fact that I don’t like to read on the Internet unless I have come to a destination deep in the site. I talk about...

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