Green Foam is good for you!


Green Foam is a business a that creates and recycles surfboard cores. The dirty not-so-secret of the surfing industry for years was that in order to create the cores for surfboards required the use of noxious/pollutant materials. When Clark Foam shut down in 2005 after being in business since 1961, it left a huge void with many surfers running around buying boards (and blanks) trying to stock up for the impending shortage. Fast forward to 2010 and Green Foam is working to create an environmentally friendly surfboard. This is in line with the surfing community’s love of the ocean and its desire to protect the marine environment through such groups as Surfrider. Green Foam is going to be on Anderson Cooper tonight at 8pm MST and a friend of mine is managing the social media aspect of the business. So this is officially a plug! Anyway . . . enjoy the video!

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